About Us

I have always had a passion for everything that had to do with textiles.
By working with embroidery machines, I could continue to develop the creative things textile.
For embroidery or stitching as many people call it, it translates into top quality. I am that fornunate that I have met al kinds of
embroider challenges.
Examples are:

  • Polos 
  • Sweaters 
  • Fleece vests 
  • Braces 
  • Underpants 
  • Bags, laptop bags, wallet's 
  • Trousers 
  • Overalls 
  • Car Mats 
  • Flags 
  • Tablecloths 
  • Textiles 
  • Golf Wipes 
  • Horse Blankets, Sjabracks 
  • ect.

Development of the custum cap or snapback

Recently we started working on the concept of a custom cap.
First we will (in fact we have) introduce the cap with your own added design. Enabling you to create that one of a kind cap.
After that we will introduce the full custom cap. Here you can choos from a variety of pannel and Bill colors.
If you want to keep informed, please contact us or subscribe to the newsletter. You can check us out at Twitter as well.